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Studio Services:

Help you share your goodness with the world, one design at a time

re-inspire you to the possiblities of your business

build bespoke templates for you to use any time

Create graphics that harness your unique brand

Are you ready to stop dreaming and start doing, entrepreneur?

This page is where you need to be if you've already got a brand and you're ready to create some more graphics to support your business to grow.

Whether your itching for to have a unique set of templates to use on social media, a new lead magnet to attract your dream clients or you're launching a new course or program - we are excited to partner with you to bring something spectacular to life!

Our dream is to help, you, a heart-led business owner, to show up professionally and confidently so you can attract the clients and customers you've always dreamed of and scale their business.

Together, let's create graphics that perfectly hit the mark

Pick 'N' Mix Graphics

Got a graphic or template you want created? You dream it, we can do it (at least most of the time!). Here's a list of some of our most popular offerings. If what you need isn't here, just make a note of it in your form submission below.

Flyer/Brochure Design

Pick 'n' mix options

Whether you need a print or digital flyer - we got you!

Choose from any brochure/flyer sizing: one-sided, double-sided or tri-fold brochure. Size may be A6, A5, A4 or DL. Multi-page brochures will incur an additional fee of $50 per page.

We can provide this as a print file or even an editable Canva template.

Flyer design

$349 AUD + GST

The most customised, bespoke and user-friendly template pack you could get your hands on!

We'll create 12 social media templates of your choice for you that YOU can edit, tweak and change yourself.

All perfectly designed to match your brand and attract your dream clients.

12 Canva templates
Mini Design Course

Podcast Design

The ultimate pack of graphics to launch (or relaunch) your podcast to the world (finally)!

We'll create for you a professional and strategic podcast cover design as well as 3 templates of your choice!

Think: episode social media template, guest features, etc.

Podcast design
3 Canva templates 
Mini Design Course

Social Media Templates

$449 AUD + GST 

$449 AUD + GST 

Pick 'N' Mix Graphics

HTML Email Signature

One of the biggest mistakes business owners make in their business is using a flat IMAGE for their email signature.

This is not user friendly, mobile responsive or clickable - nor does it show up if your recipient has image blockers on.

Let us create a robust and branded HTML email signature for your biz.

HTML email signature
Additional team members: $50 per

$159 AUD + GST

One of the BEST ways to grow your email list is sharing a free resource with them.

And one of the best ways to share a free resource? An enticing, branded and strategic PDF you didn't pull your hair out trying to make yourself.

We'll design your multi page document, share it as a template AND provide a mockup to help you promote it!

Up to 8 page PDF
Canva template
Mockup design
Custom tutorial

Workbook Template

Presenting at a conference or a free masterclass but need a beautiful workbook for participants to use?

We can create a bespoke and strategic workbook for digital or print use.

Even better? We can make this in Canva so you can edit on the go or even duplicate for future workbook needs.

Up to 8 page design
Canva template
Custom tutorial

Lead Magnet Design

$449 AUD + GST 

$449 AUD + GST 

Pick 'N' Mix Graphics

Presentation Slides

Get ready to WOW in your next masterclass or presentation with branded slides that suit your content and look super professional.

We can create a set of slides for you in Canva that are perfectly crafted to match your brand. Fully editable in Canva so you can edit, add and tweak as needed for future presentations!

10 slides
Canva template
Custom tutorial

$449 AUD + GST

Business cards aren't dead yet! So if you're handing out your info anywhere in person a memorable business card is a beautiful way to do it.

We can create a unique double-sided business card. Additional cards for team members can be added for $20 each.

We can provide this as final print files or an editable Canva file.

Final design

Sub Brand or Program Logo

So you've got big dreams to start a new program or arm of your business?

Let us create a memorable logo for it that perfectly ties in to your exisiting brand!

Pair this with presentation slides, Facebook ads, social designs or a workbook design to get the whole package! (Save 10% bundling).

Final logo design

Business Card Design

$449 AUD + GST 

$449 AUD + GST 

Pick 'N' Mix Graphics

Anything else You Need!

Use the form below to let us know of any other needs you might have.

We are very happy to prepare a custom quote for you if your design request is in our wheel house!

Simple enter your details below and we'll send you through a form to select your needs or let us know what you'd like!

Anything your heart desires!

Contact Us

If you're ready to invest in paid advertising, give it the best chance of success with professionally designed ad images.

We'll create a set of 12 images for you to mix and match as you share and test on Meta.

We'll provide these as editable Canva tempaltes so you can create your own future variations too.

12 Meta ad designs
Custom tutorial

Facebook Group Starter Pack

Build a Facebook group that builds community and your business utilising the power of design.

We'll create a bespoke, branded and professional group cover, posts and promotional graphic all in Canva template form so you can pay once and have access to tweak as needed in the future. 

Group cover
2 Group Posts
1 Promo Image
Custom tutorial


$250 AUD + GST 

$449 AUD + GST 

Tahryn Bolt
The Social Bolt

I knew the team at White Deer would be good BUT  I was blown away with the care they took to include the little details that are unique to me & my brand. Now I have magical graphics that are completely on brand and look fabulous!

Happy clients...

Annie Gichuru
Represented Podcast

It was so easy to work with the White Deer team for my podcast cover and graphics! They were prompt and nothing I asked was too much to handle. I loved my experience and will definitely be engaging them in the future.

Happy clients...

Amy Dawe
Seed Virtual Assistants

I had someone rebrand my business but was having trouble applying it to my business so I reached out to Jacqui. The process was simple and easy which I really value as a busy business owner. Jacqui and her team took the time to explore our website & socials to fully understand what we needed from the templates which produced the most incredible templates we can now use over and over on our socials.

Happy clients...

Dr Fatima Vindhani
The Modern DR

The White Deer were able to bring together the designs that were in my head. The process of working with them was easy and seamless.
We've now been able to post so much more consistently and show up more professionally since having our templates created. We've even noticed and increase in followers!

Happy clients...

Pandora Paloma

The experience was great from start to finish and the team really understood how I needed the templates to work and the aesthetic I wanted for my brand. I feel like they really got 'me' and how I want my brand to look and feel. Thank you!

Happy clients...

Carla Biesinger
Passive Income Coach

Loved working with the White Deer team! I have been looking for a good graphic design team forever and I finally feel like I found the right one!! Quick turnaround time and they were able to implement my edits and make my vision come to life!

Happy clients...

Frequently Asked Questions

All of our projects will automatically be charged a 50% upfront payment and 50% at the completion of the job. If you need a more flexible payment plan just let us know and we will do our best to accommodate!

Do you offer payment plans?

You can check out all of our services for branding on this page you're currently on or head to our pick 'n' mix page for other designs and assets.

If there's something you're after that's not listed, just add it into the "anything else to mention?" question in the form below you can access here and we'll put together a custom quote!

What services do you offer?

Simply hit "apply now" and we'll send you through a form to select the items you'd be interested in working with us on.

We'll then be in touch within 48 business hours letting you know if we believe we'll be good fit and if we have availability in our calendar.

How do I request to work with you?

Asset design: Each project is different, but once we've booked you into our schedule and that time arrives, we'll aim to have some first drafts to you in around 1 week.  If you're happy with these we can have the final designs to you within a few days of approval (after invoice has been paid). Or if you need edits to your designs this may add 1-2 weeks.

Brand design: From the start date of a project through to completion of a brand we like to allow 1-2 months. This may be longer if there are lots of edits needed.

What is the typical turnaround time for design projects?

Each cost is listed underneath the package/design. These prices are in Australian dollars are exclusive of GST (which will be added onto the listed price if you are an Australian resident).

The prices you select here are simply an indicator, you will be sent an invoice after we've locked in your project with the exact figures (including any bulk discounts you qualify for).

You can find the pricing on our brand packages here.
And our pick 'n' mix designs here.

How much do your design services cost?

We like to keep things fair for all of our clients and keep the timelines we've promised them, however sometimes we may finish a project quicker than anticipated or have a break in a project due to client response times. If this is the case we may have a last minute slot available - SO, if you do have a tight need, please get in touch just in case and we'll let you know if we can help! Fingers crossed.

Can you accommodate rush orders or tight deadlines?

Of course! We believe you deserve a say in the creations for your brand so each project comes with 2 revisions included. If you need further alterations and changes you may do this however you will be charged additional fees at our hourly rate to accommodate.

Do you offer revisions on design projects?

This will vary for each project however we can usually accommodate any file type request if you need something specific.

We always provide the standard files we find most practical (also usually including a Canva template). 

What file formats will I receive upon project completion?

We accept card (via Stripe) and direct debit. Other payment methods may be discussed if needed.

What payment methods do you accept?

We do not include printing services as a default in our packages but will provide any print designs in a format ready to send to your chosen printer.

If you do require assistance with printing we can help however this will incur additional fees for our time and printing.

Can you help with printing or publishing the designs?

Potentially! We can offer Squarespace web design for basic websites, or Wordpress web design for those looking for something a little more intricate. 

We only offer web design when paired with one of our branding packages so just add that into your notes when applying for brand design and we can chat about this more in your discovery call.

Do you offer website design?

Because we are women in small business! Our head honcho, Jacqui, has been running her own small business for 10 years and has worked with hundreds of small businesses over that time.

Everyone from coaches, and online course creators, through to physiotherapists, counselors, and authors. We get small business and it's our heart to help your biz thrive. 

What makes your studio suitable for women in small business?

We can work with a wide range of styles! If you want confirmation on whether we can do your style just upload an example to the form below and we'll let you know if that's in our wheelhouse (but more often than not - the answer is YES. We love not being boxed into just one style and have different designers on our team with different strengths.

Can you work with my branding and style preferences?

Of course! Your data stays with us. 

We love sharing projects that we've worked on with our audience, but if you want your project to never see the light of day other than through your own channels, just say the word, and our lips are sealed!

Is my project information and data kept confidential?

YES! We believe in collaboration and will allow you to provide feedback at multiple steps in the process (particularly for brand design!). 

Can I provide feedback during the design process?

Potentially! We only take on a small amount of retainer clients but if this is something you're interested in just make mention of it in your intake and we can have a chat about whether our studio will be a good fit ongoing.

Can you help with ongoing design needs or retainer arrangements?

If you're happy to go ahead we'll send through your contract and upfront invoice of 50% of the project fee and lock you into our calendar and make a start!

Now it's time for the real magic!

We'll respond within 2 business days letting you know if we have the capacity for your project (and if we think we'll be a good fit).

As well as a quote and then the ball is back in your court!

We'll get back in touch

Pop your email down below and we'll shoot you through our intake form straight away.
Here you can select your design needs, ideal timeline and share your business dreams with us!

let us know you're interested!

What's the next step from here?

Let's get started!

Let's get started!
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Jacqui xx