But it’s another to work with a designer who really understands business and knows how to craft designs that not only look spectacular, but catapults your business success all in one!

It’s one thing to work with a designer who loves design...

When passion for design and business collide.

Whether you pursue our supported DIY options, or our studio done-for-you services you’re getting a cheerleader and expert all in one.

Having White Deer on your side

Your unfair brand advantage?

Because it’s only after understanding all of these things that a brand can have graphics that work to grow the business, not just look pretty.  

And so, we want to get to know YOU, your heart behind what you do (beyond the cash), who your dream people are and why you’re the perfect fit for them.

We believe that YOU know your business best.

And I believe that whether you’re choosing to create your own graphics DIY-style in Canva, or getting it created for you by my team, then your brand can start doing the talking for you.

It’s about strategy, communication and client-attracting beauty.

Graphic design is about so much more than a pretty picture.

Ellie Swift • Coach

Jacqui is a brand genius and has an amazing way of seeing you & your mission, and helping you create a brand that reflects that.

Since White Deer has stepped into our business we've generated over $1million in cash, and I know having a great brand has been a huge contributor to these results.

Annie Gichuru • Racial Equity Coach

It was so easy to work with the White Deer team for my podcast cover and graphics! They were prompt and nothing I asked was too much to handle. I loved my experience and will definitely be engaging them in the future.

Kind words from other heart-led female founders

Coz I’m one of them. Running a business and all of the challenges that entails is as much of a passion of mine as design (while I was exploring design in MS Paint I also had a rock "business", greeting card "business" and jewellery “business”).

And what really lights me up is not just combining my love of strategy, marketing, business and design… but seeing female founders THRIVE in their business because they said yes to investing in good design.

Whether they got my help to fine-tune their DIYed business graphics or, they used my incredibly talented team to give them a kick start.

And if you’re one of those female founders passionate about business and making a difference in the world? Well, I couldn’t be more pleased that you’re here.

Hi! 👋 It's nice to meet you. I'm Jacqui Naunton!

This ain’t no faceless brand.

But you know who else has stolen my heart?
Heart-led female founders.

You know the ones (maybe you are one!).
They’re passionate, hard-working, inquisitive, fun and all round go-getters. They’re my peeps.

Do you remember Microsoft Paint? It was the wildly clunky program little Jacqui first started designing with back in 2007 (AKA. the year the iPhone first came out!).

Thankfully, free design programs have advanced since then (hello Canva), AND my design skills too. 

What started as a hobby, progessed to a bachelors degree and now to 10+ years in the industry...I think it’s fair to say graphic design has stolen my heart.

My favourites

Epic people like you to work with

most grateful for

Time with God in the mornings

daily ritual

Water! Or a red slushie

drink of choice

Anything by Francine Rivers

go-to book

Hungry Jacks! The burgers ARE better

fave takeaway

My little 3-year-old toddler. Curly hair, a cheeky spirit and the reason my biz has grown in the ways it has!

Cutest person in my life

Straight from my scrapbook

The man behind tech setups on YouTube... my ever fun, ever supportive hubby, Toph. Also runs his own business!

my Best pal

Straight from my scrapbook

That time I studied abroad in Florence, Italy at the European Institute of Design. 


Straight from my scrapbook

Hiring the best team to support YOU as the epic design team behind your brand.

Once upon a time I was booked out and overstressed. Now? I have help. 
From my VA, Tania to my video editor, Erek. 

But also my talented design team YOU might even get to work with.


"I love expressing my creativity, exploring endless possibilities and dive into the constant learning that comes with design! It's such a dream to be able to help business owners turn their ideas, dreams and visions into tangible designs that benefit their business."

"Design is everywhere we look, it's hard for me not to be inspired or engulfed by creativity! I love helping people and pushing my creative boundaries. I'm simply ignited in delving into the deep roots of a brand and helping small business owners find the value in amazing design."

Hannah Dempsey
Vanessa Chng



Meet The Team

We're discovering all of what your business can be, so why shouldn't this journey be an exciting one. We simply love what we do, and we want this process to be as fun as possible! We've created fun processes to make your brand journey the way it should be.

Join the fun

We want you to feel 100% a part of the process! This means that YOU are embedded into the final brand in a way that feels authentic and personal. We'll step you through how to give feedback, plus let you know why we've made certain decisions. This is YOUR brand.

When you choose White Deer Studio, you'll be investing in a full brand suite that makes it easy for you or your team to create stunning graphics for your business. We want you to walk away head strong and equipped with everything you need to strengthen your brand and feeling empowered.

There’s graphic design, then there’s the White Deer way of design…

Tahryn Bolt
The Social Bolt

I knew the team at White Deer would be good BUT  I was blown away with the care they took to include the little details that are unique to me & my brand. Now I have magical graphics that are completely on brand and look fabulous!

Happy clients...

Annie Gichuru
Represented Podcast

It was so easy to work with the White Deer team for my podcast cover and graphics! They were prompt and nothing I asked was too much to handle. I loved my experience and will definitely be engaging them in the future.

Happy clients...

Amy Dawe
Seed Virtual Assistants

I had someone rebrand my business but was having trouble applying it to my business so I reached out to Jacqui. The process was simple and easy which I really value as a busy business owner. Jacqui and her team took the time to explore our website & socials to fully understand what we needed from the templates which produced the most incredible templates we can now use over and over on our socials.

Happy clients...

Dr Fatima Vindhani
The Modern DR

The White Deer were able to bring together the designs that were in my head. The process of working with them was easy and seamless.
We've now been able to post so much more consistently and show up more professionally since having our templates created. We've even noticed and increase in followers!

Happy clients...

Pandora Paloma

The experience was great from start to finish and the team really understood how I needed the templates to work and the aesthetic I wanted for my brand. I feel like they really got 'me' and how I want my brand to look and feel. Thank you!

Happy clients...

Carla Biesinger
Passive Income Coach

Loved working with the White Deer team! I have been looking for a good graphic design team forever and I finally feel like I found the right one!! Quick turnaround time and they were able to implement my edits and make my vision come to life!

Happy clients...

Sometimes you just need someone to do it for you!

Whether you want everything done for you so you never have to touch Canva again OR you want us to create and then give you the keys (aka. Canva templates) - then working with my talented team of designs is for you.

We believe in having fun in the process, collaborating with YOU (aka. the businesses biggest expert) and making sure you feel empowered to take your new brand and graphics into the world with confidence.


Wanna work together?

There are 2 main ways we can work together and you get to choose YOUR best fit.

DIY Design My Biz

The tried-and-tested framework that’s given 300+ ambitious biz owners just like you the skills and 💎crystal💎 clarity to design, create AND evolve your own standout brand. This is a self-paced course that comes with bite-sized lessons and tutorials plus 1 year access to me for support inside our Facebook group and monthly calls?

Find out more

Option 2

Who wants to fumble around feeling clueless and nervous? Certainly not me, I hope not you too.

When a business owner jumps into free graphic design programs like Canva they either thrive or get stuck creating graphics they hate and their audience doesn’t even notice (all whilst wasting valuable hours they could have spent growing the business).

My passion is to help you change that. 

Let me teach you how you can not only take advantage of programs like Canva (making them your best friend rather than arch nemesis) but also utalise design principles, methods and strategies to make sure every little graphic and piece of your brand you create oozes professionalism (aka. your audience don’t even know you’ve DIYed!), credibility and beauty. 

Coz when we do that? Your graphics will be working to grow your business not dragging it down. You'll be empowered, equipped and have the tools to create exactly what your brand needs whenever you need it at a fraction of the cost of hiring a designer.

Supported DIY

Option 1

find out more

would we be perfect for each other?

If you are in the business of serving small business owners it would be my honour to empower them in their brand and design journey!

I've presented on live stages, in masterminds, online courses and podcasts, sharing strategic messages that not only equips the guests but amplify the event/program.

Or we can create a custom topic!

Here are some topics I can speak on to wet your appetite:

•  How to design a consistent visual brand that creates loyalty and trust with your audience.
•  How a gain business confidence and beat brand shame.
•  4 things to know to DIY a stand out brand.
•  Or, any Canva tutorial you can dream up!

Featured in...

Want to book me in? Email me at jacqui@whitedeer.com.au to start the conversation.

I look forward to empowering your community. xx

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