Creating Instagram story series’ are a FABULOUS way to interrupt the normal flow of your stories and draw in attention… it lets your audience know that something new is happening and to listen up!

It’s the perfect tool to launch a new product, course or offering. And of course, it’s so easy to make on Canva! I recently one for my own launch and recorded the process so you can learn how to create it too!

I’ll teach you some key things to know, unique design tips and how to make your own version of these!

Launch Insta Story Series

Real-time tutorial: Watch me work!

My name is Jacqui and I'm ridiculously passionate about helping your small biz succeed!

I believe design plays a massive role in the clients you connect with and the success of your business...which is why (no matter your budget!) I want to make sure your biz is always looking it's best and connecting with who you need it to! ✨


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