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We all know that your business has something amazing to offer (if you don’t believe it than you should!)...

Buuutttt…is it communicating that? 
Does your audience really know how great you are? 
That they NEED you?

Design holds the key to connecting with your future clients and converting them into raving fans. PLUS helping them know that you are the professional worth paying for!

BUT only if it’s done right - are you ready to see what design will do for your business?

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It's not every day that a designer encourages you to use Canva. But that's what we're all about over here at White Deer.

Whether you want to learn how to fully DIY your brand or want our team to do it (and then give you the Canva reigns) then WE GOT YOU.

Wanna hear my origin story of how it all started? (Hint: It involves MS Paint!) And how you come into my story? 👇

ceo, designer and educator, helping other leading ladies grow and scale their business.

I'm Jacqui! And I'm thrilled you are here.

Meet your design cheerleader

1. DIY Your own graphics

Are you wanting to take the reigns, save some $$ and learn to create your own stand out brand and/or graphics whenever you want them?

I have the perfect DIY course for you, complete with LIVE support from me.

Our Services

Hand your brand/graphics over to our talented team. We can design EVERYTHING for you, or create a custom set of Canva templates for you.

Strategic branding, social media templates, print media and more.

2. let our studio take over

Here's your invite to stop dreaming and start doing.
Choose your next move...

CAT DUNN • Online Business Manager

1 day after launching my rebrand (that I created with Jacqui's help!) I signed a brand new client, had 10+ new leads and was just in LOVE with my brand.

JULIE PARKER • Founder of Beautiful You Coaching Academy

Jacqui is a talented, creative, and responsive designer who works efficiently and with great attention to detail. She was our secret weapon and comes with my highest recommendation.

ELLIE SWIFT • Marketing + Mindset Coach

Since White Deer has stepped into our business we've generated over $1 million in cash, and I know having a great brand has been a huge contributor to these results.

TAHRYN BOLT •  Business Coach

I knew the team at White Deer would be good BUT I was blown away with the care they took to include the little details that are unique to me & my brand. Now I have magical graphics that are completely on brand and look fabulous!

The Podcast

LISTEN: Logo vs. Visual Brand: Is it okay to just have a logo or do you need more?

LISTEN: Why you need to be the CEO in your business, no matter how big (with Ellie Swift)

LISTEN: How to make money from strategic graphic design

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The only guided programme and community specifically designed to equip biz owners like you to create AND evolve your standout visual brand and graphics (without costly break-the-budget design tools). Aka. Teaching you how to use Canva so to grow your biz!

DIY DESIGN MY BIZ • online course

Confidently and quickly create your OWN graphics

Create your own stunning visual brand, grow your business faster and feel (and look!) a million bucks - ready for your best year of business yet in this 3-part on-demand video training.

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